Yamaha GX-1 with TX-II Tone Cabinet

At an early age my parents bought me a Thomas Californian 251 organ to learn to play. I was then fortunate enough to learn from an exceptional musician in Newcastle, Arni Zigurs, who was based in a local music store which sold Yamaha instruments.


I’ve since owned many Yamaha Electone organs, including an E5-AR, EX-42, YC-45D, E-75, FX-20, HX-1, DDK-7 and ELS-02X. For many years I had a dream of owning perhaps the most famous Yamaha Electone of all, the mythical GX-1.


The GX-1 is a polyphonic analogue synthesizer developed by Yamaha in the 1970s to R&D technology for future consumer Electones and synthesizers. Expand each blog entry below to read about the restoration of my GX-1. Enjoy the ride!

GX-1 Restoration