Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus: Integrated Sensor Suite

During my childhood I was fascinated with storms, and particularly interested in floods. My sister lived in a small town in Country NSW, and whenever there were floods in the area my brother-in-law would drive me around to all the local flood-spots so that I could watch normally idyllic creeks and rivers turn into raging torrents, sometimes uprooting trees and submerging bridges.


Around this time I also purchased a Radio Shack indoor/outdoor temperature kit from Tandy Electronics. This would be a pre-cursor to the many weather stations I have owned over the years. My last weather station was an Oregon Scientific WMR100. After a few years of good service the external sensors started to develop stability issues, so after researching potential replacements I purchased a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station.


After configuration of the VP2+ it occurred to me that it would be fantastic to be able to access my weather data online. After researching weather station software I settled on Weather Display and Weather Display LIVE to provide almost real time viewing of my backyard weather data. You can view current weather conditions here. The data will be displayed in a new browser window. Note that Adobe Flash is required to view the page.

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