Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus: Integrated Sensor Suite

During my childhood I was fascinated with storms, and particularly interested in floods. My sister lived in a small town in Country NSW, and whenever there were floods in the area my brother-in-law would drive me around to all the local flood-spots so that I could watch normally idyllic creeks and rivers turn into raging torrents, sometimes uprooting trees and submerging bridges.


Around this time I also purchased a Radio Shack indoor/outdoor temperature kit from Tandy Electronics. This would be a pre-cursor to the many weather stations I have owned over the years. My last weather station was an Oregon Scientific WMR100. After a few years of good service the external sensors started to develop stability issues, so after researching potential replacements I purchased a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station.


For many years I teamed the VP2+ with Weather Display software to share my weather data online. Recently, my VP2+ sensor suite failed, so I have replaced the VP2+ with a Davis Instruments Vantage Vue ISS and WeatherLink Live data logger. Live weather data can be found here, and Flash is no longer required :)

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