Estes Model Rockets: Yankee, Astrocam, Eliminator and Oracle

I began my love of flying model rockets almost by accident. Many years ago, I came across a Saturn 1B model in a local hobby store. I raced home, gathered up my pocket money, and became the proud owner of a Cox Saturn 1B model rocket kit.


It wasn't until I'd opened the kit and read the instructions that I realised it was a flying model rocket kit, which got me even more excited. Unfortunately, back when I purchased this kit, flying rockets weren't all that popular in Australia. In fact, I couldn't source any of the Cox engines, igniters or launch system to bring the rocket to life.


Not to be defeated, the instructions listed compatible Estes engines, and after a few phone calls I found that I could source Estes engines, igniters, and a launch system. All I had to do was convince dad to drive 160 Km to a Sydney-based hobby store.


Fortunately, my dad was as curious as I was to see lift-off, so began my hobby of flying model rockets. In the 30 or so years that have passed since then I've made and flown a multitude of rockets, some have crashed and burned, others has just worn out. Sadly, my original Saturn 1B came to an untimely end many years ago after the shock cord snapped.

Model Rocketry


My current rockets include the Estes Yankee, Astrocam, Eliminator and Oracle. The maiden flight of the Oracle was December 30th, 2005. View the Quicktime video taken from the on-board webcam by pressing play in the movie controller.


More recently I’ve become interested in high impulse model rocketry. I have imported an Aerotech Initiator starter set, along with G80 composite engines. All I need to find is some time to build my first high impulse model rocket. Watch this space...